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The project “Survey of the key bird species of the Polish Carpathian Mountains and creating the system of their monitoring and protection” (in short “Birds of the Carpathians”) is going to include a wide range of activities meant to identify the state of preservation and ensure protection of farmland birds in the Polish Carpathians.

Farming in the Carpathians and conservation of nature

Arable lands, which take up a substantial part of Poland (including the Carpathians), tend to be areas of unique flora and fauna. They are on the one hand anthropogenic (they have come to be and continue so as a result of human activities) and, on the other, constitute a key component of our environmental heritage. Changes in farming methods taking place in recent years have adversely affected farmland animals and plants. Both farming intensification and abandonment of it lead to a radical transformation in the nature of habitat and thus impact on the variety of life there, mostly in a harmful way. Therefore, proposing solutions that involve traditional, extensive farming methods is a major challenge faced by contemporary nature conservation.

Inventorying farmland birds

Availability of information on the distribution of farmland bird species in the Carpathians is particularly important within the context of planning sustainable agrarian economy that would allow preservation of the high environmental value of the region. Therefore, the project “Birds of the Carpathians” (Ptaki Karpat) involves inventorying distribution and numbers of farmland bird species. Thus obtained data will encourage Carpathian farmers to join environmental management schemes.

Agrarian workshop

Workshops will be held for members of agricultural chambers and agricultural advisory centres from the Carpathian region during which natural environment of Carpathian farmlands and the necessity of protecting it will be discussed, and particularly the question of the adopting of farming methods which do not destroy habitats of birds living in open areas. A special emphasis will be put on problems that may arise in the process of implementation of environmental management schemes in mountainous regions as well as on bird species whose occurrence in the Carpathians qualifies farmers for subventions.


Agrarian landscape of the Polish Carpathians. Phptography: Renata&Marek Kosińscy

Environmental management scheme in the Carpathians

An effective system of environmental subventions, adjusted to meet the needs of particular regions, is a key element required for the success of the programme of mountainous farmland protection. It is also one of the challenges taken on by OTOP in the project “Birds of the Carpathians”. It will help to increase the number of farmers participating in “environmental packets” of the environmental management scheme in reference to bird protection and valuable meadow habitats and, in consequence, make mountainous farming more profitable without causing harm to nature.

Translation: Monika Ujma


The project is going to include a wide range of activities aimed at designing comprehensive solutions for sustainable forest economy.

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The project is going to include a wide range of activities meant to identify the state of preservation and ensure protection of farmland birds.

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Local communities

The project includes a number of activities targeted at local communities.

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Approximately 600 volunteers work presently for the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds.

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