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The project “Survey of the key bird species of the Polish Carpathian Mountains and creating the system of their monitoring and protection” (in short “Birds of the Carpathians”) is going to include a wide range of activities aimed at designing comprehensive solutions for sustainable forest economy in the Polish Carpathians. They are targeted chiefly at National Forests and national park employees as well as private forest owners.

Function of Carpathian forests

The Carpathians are covered to a large extent by environmentally valuable forests that occur nowhere else in Poland. They constitute a sanctuary of biotic diversity, a habitat for a huge number of animal, plant and mushroom species. These forests are a significant source of renewable resources, chiefly wood but also fruit of the forest, ornamental and medicinal plants and, last but not least, game. They affect climate, water retention as well as the properties of soil. Landscape, mostly mountainous, is shaped by them.

The above features and functions of Carpathians forests make preserving them a priority in the process of wildlife conservation in the Carpathians, Poland and Europe. A special role in the protection of natural resources of the Carpathians is thus occupied by managers of forest areas. Therefore, special schemes are directed at people and institutions responsible for them – mostly employees of National Forests and national parks as well as private managers.

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White-backed Woodpecker Dendrocopos leucotos - forest bird of the Carpathians.
Photography: Mateusz Matysiak

Inventorying forest birds in the Carpathians

Availability of information on the distribution of the key bird species in Carpathians forests and the state of their habitats is particularly important within the context of planning sustainable forest economy which does not disturb the natural resources of the region in a significant fashion. Therefore, the project “Birds of the Carpathians” requires inventorying distribution and numbers of selected bird groups, including species typical of forest habitats. Data obtained during research will facilitate an analysis of environmental value of particular areas in the Carpathians and identify priorities as regards bird protection in these regions. Guidelines will be drawn up on necessary conservation actions for preservation and protection of particular species. Effective protection of birds as an umbrella group will ensure protection of other, equally valuable elements of the Carpathian forests, connected with birds via a number of complex interrelations.

Forest workshop

A group of stakeholders associated with Carpathian forests will be invited to attend three workshops organized especially for them during which the significance of environmental resources in the Carpathians will be discussed. They will have an opportunity to learn about habitats of selected bird species and business activities to which birds are particularly sensitive and, as a result, which can be dangerous to them. During the workshops the system of mountainous environment protection will also be considered.

Forest bird protection strategies in the Carpathians

Sustainable forest economy radically affects proper functioning of forests. Its character determines the continuity of supply of resources necessary to people as well as the continuity of forest life in all its diversity. After meetings with managers of Carpathian forests and in reference to the inventorying of birds in Carpathian forests, comprehensive solutions for forest economy will be proposed in form of strategies. We hope that application of guidelines included in those strategies will bring about economic benefits for the society as well as survival of all the species that are part of Carpathian environment in the future.

Translation: Monika Ujma


The project is going to include a wide range of activities aimed at designing comprehensive solutions for sustainable forest economy.

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Local communities

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Approximately 600 volunteers work presently for the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds.

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