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The conference introducing the project „Birds of the Carpathians” is behind

The conference introducing the project The conference introducing the project Marcin Dudek

On May 6th 2011 at the premises of Jagielloński University Camp OTOP has organized international conference, which has began the project 'Survey of the key bird species of the Polish Carpathian Mountains and creating the system of their monitoring and protection' (in short: 'Birds of the Carpathians'). The main target of the conference was introducing the project guidelines, initial reconnaissance of needs of local interest groups and getting contact with the most important institutions connected with environmental protection of this region.

The participants

There were 56 people taking part in the conference. Among the participants were representatives of Regional Administration of Environmental Protection from Małopolskie, Podkarpackie and Ślaskie Provinces, representatives of Regional Administration of Basic Forests, 4 National Parks from Karpaty region, landscape parks, forest inspectorate and non-profit organizations. SVS/ BirdLife Switzerland – the Swiss project partner, was represented by Fritz Hirt, and among foreign guests were also representatives of Slovakia BirdLife International partner – SOS. The conference were conducted by Ireneusz Mirowski – Environmental Protection Manager in OTOP.

Conference lectures

The conference has begun with presentations by Dr Tomasz Wilk from OTOP, who introduced the background and the needs of protection and cataloguing in Karpaty, strategy structure, main guidelines and project activities and its benefits for main groups of interest from Karpaty region. In this part of the conference Firtz Hirt has presented also the activity of the Swiss project partner – SVS/ BirdLife Switzerland. He pointed the experience and activities of this organization, which stay in connection with mountain regions and could be used by ‘The birds of Karpaty Mountains” project realization

The representatives of Regional Administration of Environment Protection from Cracow (dr Bożena Kotońska), from Rzeszów (Robert Nowakowski) and Katowice (Zygmunt Chromik) have presented knowledge about birds from Polish Karpaty in their provinces. They have also informed, what are the biggest needs on knowledge about Karpaty bird’s localization and their protection.

In the following presentation dr hab Małgorzata Grodzińska-Jurczak from the Institute of Environmental Science at Jagielloński University has presented the results of research about knowledge of local communities about Natura 2000 and their attitude to new form of protection.

Dusan Karaska and Miroslav Demko from SOS/ BirdLife Slovakia have presented Slovakian experience from environmental protection, voluntary development and transgenic projects.

Translation: Magdalena Czarnora

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