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Birds of the Carpathians – observations database

Boreal Owl Boreal Owl Grzegorz Leśniewski

A new system for collecting data on the distribution of the birds of the Polish Carpathians has just been launched on www.ptakikarpat.pl. It is available to anyone who has registered with the system and the data collected via the application will supplement the knowledge on the distribution of the birds of the Polish Carpathians.

One of the main goals of the ‘Survey of the Key Bird Species of the Polish Carpathian Mountains and Creating the System of Their Monitoring and Protection’ project is learning about the distribution and numbers of the Carpathian birds. In order to enable the volunteers to help us achieve this goal we have created an internet application – Obserwacje, by means of which every ornithologist can submit their sightings from the Carpathian region.

The data submitted by service users will be used to analyse the distribution of birds and for their protection in the Carpathians. Primarily though, the data will be collected for the publication summarizing the current state of knowledge on the birds of the Polish Carpathians (planned release date - January 2015). The data will also be used on-the-spot for initiatives concerning spatial planning and outlining protection measures of the birds of the Polish Carpathians.

All the observations entered into the database and approved by OTOP ornithologists are available on www.ptakikarpat.pl in the forms of maps with sightings distribution and general statistics for each bird species with at least one approved sighting.

The application which allows entering data is only available in Polish, while the pages devoted to statistics for particular species have been translated into English.

We encourage active use of the database concerning the distribution of the birds of the Polish Carpathians. We hope that it will attract numerous observers and the valuable data that we will collect will allow us to successfully plan nature protection in Poland.

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