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Competition for volunteers!

Birdwaching in the Carpathians Birdwaching in the Carpathians Tomasz Wilk

Between 2012 and 2014 the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (OTOP) is running a competition ‘OTOP Volunteers in the Carpathians’ targeted at the volunteers who participate in initiatives concerning collecting data about the birds of the Polish Carpathians and their protection. We encourage participation as the prizes are really attractive.

The ‘OTOP Volunteers in the Carpathians’ competition lasts between 1st February 2012 and 30th June 2014. It is open to OTOP volunteers who, in the relevant time frame, had a valid contract with OTOP or signed one for at least one-year cooperation as well as fulfilled at least one of the following criteria:
- entered data concerning sightings of the birds of the Polish Carpathians in the www.ptakikarpat.pl/Obserwacje website or submitted the data to OTOP otherwise
- took part in the ‘Common Breeding Birds Monitoring’ (MPPL) project in the Polish Carpathians area
- took part in the IBA Caretaker project in the Polish Carpathians
- carried out at least one OTOP-approved eco-intervention with the aim of protecting the natural resources of the Polish Carpathians
- helped with the realisation of the project activities, through work for the Malopolskie OTOP division, mass events or other activities organized by OTOP in the area of the Polish Carpathians

All the people caring about the nature of the Polish Carpathians who are or want to get involved in its protection are welcome to join the competition.
Attractive prizes will be awarded:
- 1st Prize – expedition tent
- 2nd Prize x 3 – sleeping bag
- 60 books for the subsequent entrants

The prizes will be awarded with the following criteria in mind:
(1) the number and completeness of the submitted data concerning bird sightings in the Polish Carpathians,
(2) the number of monitoring areas controlled as part of MPPL as well as reliability, completeness and punctuality of the data submitted to OTOP,
(3) the level of involvement in the duties of an IBA Caretaker in the Polish Carpathians,
(4) active involvement in wildlife protection (e.g. the number and importance of OTOP-approved eco-interventions undertaken in the period relevant to the competition),
(5) involvement in other activities organized by OTOP in the Polish Carpathians, including mass events and work of the Malopolskie OTOP division.

Translation: Ewelina Hanyż

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