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Workshop for local communities of the Carpathians – summary

Workshop in Uście Gorlickie Workshop in Uście Gorlickie Tomasz Wilk

From November 2011 until June 2012 OTOP has organized series of workshops for local communities live in Polish Carpathians. The meetings took place in 12 communes, most valuable from the environmental point of view. The participants had the possibility to know the Polish environmental law, the aspects of environmental friendly and profitable business activities and the environmental values of their commune.

Within the scope of Project „Survey of the key bird species of the Polish Carpathian Mountains and creating the system of their monitoring and protection” in the period from November 2011 to June 2012 OTOP has made series of 12 workshop meetings devoted to balanced development at local level. The meeting were dedicated to local communities from the chosen communes of Polish Karpaty region. The communes chosen to fulfill the activities are: Gromnik, Dobra, Czarny Dunajec, Bystra-Sidzina, Łącko, Uście Gorlickie, Ujsoły, Istebna, Rymanów, Komańcza, Tyrawa Wołoska and Bircza.

The aim of the meetings and the participants 

The aim of the workshop organized by OTOP was to make aware, that developing environment-friendly business activity within the Carpathians commune is possible. The participants have had the possibility to know the aspects of procedure of estimating the investment effect on environment, Natura 2000 in Poland, particularly within their communes. There were also presented examples of using land and European subsidies for the environment protection activities, and what is the most important, examples of profitable environment-friendly business activities with chances for development in the Carpathians region. 

Among the participants were: representatives of the local authorities, local businessmen, teacher, the employees of non-profit organizations, representatives of landscape parks and forest inspectorate, and the nature lovers as well. There were 286 participants.

The workshop participants have shown much interest on the aspects, which were subject of the lecture and are closed to business activities on the land protected by Natura 2000 or in its close neighborhood. The lectures about environmental values of the communes or about possibilities of getting funds for environmental friendly activities have had positive reaction among participants. It proves that environmental aspects have fundamental meaning for live and activities of the Carpathians inhabitants. 

What next?

This workshop was preliminary stage of economic – environmental strategy made currently by OTOP. This strategy will come into being for all mentioned communes. The fulfillment will take until mid 2013.

Translation: Magdalena Czarnota

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